Finding Critics a Rich Resource

Even as I typed the title of this post, great anxiety rose up. How could I find what I need in the voices of those who are critical? Was my ego big enough/small enough to take seriously the points raised by those who have disagreement with my thesis? Could I learn from the reviewers, especially those who held strong ideological positions that were different from mine?

For regular readers it is no surprise that I have a raging confirmation bias. I like people who are like me. What did I do with folks who weren’t? Am I willing and capable to hear their voices and with humility and grace and offer space in my head and heart for them? This seems to be the challenge I am being called to face. So I undertake to be open, curious, and flexible (even saying that brings trepidation) enough to listen, consider, and accept the individual if not their ideas.

This struggle is where I believe I may be shaped and changed. If I hold fast and stridently to my existing biases I have little opportunity to grow. If I pick up threads that are being offered, we may be able to weave a beautiful tapestry, together. Maybe what I already believe isn’t meant to be the frame holding the picture but just a small fragment of a remarkable masterpiece.

Exploring with some anxiousness,


5 thoughts on “Finding Critics a Rich Resource

  1. Exceptional Bob. I really appreciate this piece. Striking that balance between remaining open enough to entertain what might be helpful and still maintaining your ideas is a good place to be. I love the wisdom in your words and am so grateful that you share them.

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