Can I Self-Identify Because of Affinity?

Right off the top – I don’t know the answer to  this question that became top of mind over the past month. I have read vitriolic tirades,  tongue in cheek snippets and thoughtful posts about Caitlin and Rachel. I am not a psychologist or a gender/race expert. I am not a whole bunch of things and I would admit that there are days I am not completely sure what I am. On some days, I also ‘pass’ for somethings that I am not. My identity is crafted, nurtured and natural. I am the sum of my experiences, my tendencies, my preferences and my aspirations. The identity you see isn’t a perfect reflection of reality and it is different from what others might see. It is surely different from how I see myself ( a 30 year old athletic, intellectual, change agent).

Where my struggle with these stories lies is in not being able to view the world from their perspective. My biases from a different identity blur the picture.

How can I be kind, open, magnanimous and unjudging?  How can I be anything else?

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