National Go Fishing Day

I wish I had checked the calendar a few weeks ago and noticed that, according to  National Day Calendar, today is National Go Fishing Day. “This is a day to take time from your daily routine to go find a stream, a pond, a lake or a river, bait your hook, cast out your pole and catch a fish or two.”


When I go fly fishing, I occasionally catch(and release) but I find peace in the casting.  The majesty of nature, the mystery of the mind of a fish, the structure of the waterway all pull me away from the weeds; the world that necessarily keeps me moving towards the goals I have set but can become a day-to-day hum drum. The practice of casting becomes the means to peace and release of the structure my mind has found comfort holding on to.

I can’t break out of the weeds today (or tomorrow, or this weekend) but will find a date in my calendar to pull out my rod and flys and spend the day in a couple of streams and in my head.

If you can ‘go fishing’ today – take the break. If not schedule your hike, ride, yoga, paddle in your calendar and take a day to refresh.


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