Results Based World

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

~Robert Louis Stevenson

I believe that we need good intentions and a great plan to succeed. My choices, my day, my life are represented by the impact that my intentions and plans have on me and the world around me. But the schedule of impact isn’t always mine. I would love to say something or do something and immediately see the reaction, the change or the result I was expecting (hoping for). It seems that the world doesn’t function on Bob time. I have seen instant responses to my words or actions but most of the time it takes way longer than I would want. I am waiting for ideas to blossom from messages I delivered years ago.

I have had people come back to me and say ” when I heard you say …, I was upset but I have thought about it over the past month and I think you have something there”. Others have come back with ” you are still out to lunch, but thanks for making me think about …”

I am with 100 folks today who see the world quite differently from me. I chose to attend this conference for that reason. I am going to do what I do – sow seeds; sow gently, sow provocatively, sow generously.

Make Today Remarkable, by gardening,


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