Two Reasons to Celebrate

If you are a father, have a father, know a father make sure to recognize  your/their special contribution. Reach out a say ” You are special because  …” Take a moment to reflect on the fathers that you have known who have passed away and remember their words of wisdom and acts of kindness. Send a note, make a call, do a drop in, and openly share your love.

I realize that for some this day is difficult , for an array of reasons but I invite you to join the celebration and acknowledge the best father you know, whether there is a bio-connection or not.

The first day of summer is another open door. Get outside regardless of the weather and take in the seasonal changes around you. Notice the new growth on trees, the color of the grass, the flowers in bloom, the special hue of the sky. Embrace summer with zeal and then let a bit of its laziness embrace you. Enjoy the length of the day – go for a run early or a late evening walk. Rest on a blanket and read from a good book. Summer and Sunday on the same day spells a siesta in the sun. Enjoy.

Make Today Remarkable, because it is,


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