Focus on Your Strengths

Remarkable people use their strengths to strengthen others. They do this by knowing where they are gifted and becoming stronger in those areas. Being well rounded is helpful, until you are about 20 years old and then like a tennis ball being round only assists the one with the racket.

You have been given skills and gifts that are specific to you and are necessary for  the grand plan. As we all use our strengths to lift up those around us, the world becomes better, more beautiful, and complete.  Thomas Jefferson ran his 1804 campaign on this theme; I believe every American, given the opportunity and circumstances will take care of himself, her family, and their community. I believe that is possible for all of us. If I believe that about people then it is the opportunity and circumstances that are wrong. We spend too much time trying to be something we aren’t, too much time trying to work against our disposition and skills, too much time trying to be average at things that we will never be excellent at. Focus on your strengths, build on your gifts, acquire mastery at the stuff you were meant to and then use all of that to improve the lives of those around you. The world will be a better place and you will be better for it.

Make Today Remarkable, by being remarkable,


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