I love magic and don’t want to know how it is done. I don’t need to have all the loose ends tied up in a great movie or remarkable book. My faith is based in faith. I have found a comfortable (for me) balance between certainty and uncertainty. I try to embrace mystery with gusto.

Not everything is understandable. We don’t need to explain everything. Being assured can close my mind to other possibilities. Perception shapes truth and everything is a placebo. If you believe because of faith or fact, the reality, for you, is the same.

I can hear my critics saying ” what a rube” and I am now okay with that label. My response would be a paraphrase ” you get what you believe not just what you measure”. Whether the theory or the facts are ‘true’ rests in if we have faith in it. It can be true today and not true tomorrow based on either fact or feeling or both.

I choose to believe what I believe. There is a God who is still interested in us. We are all far more capable than we are told. I can make a difference. The world is abundant but the distribution is corrupt. We have long held beliefs in our economics, science, religion that need to be reworked. Love is the answer but not unconditionally.

Make Today Remarkable, in mystery,


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