Hedonic Treadmill

The hedonic treadmill theory explains the oft-held observation that rich people are no happier than poor people, and that those with severe money problems are sometimes quite happy. The theory supports the argument that money does not buy happiness and that the pursuit of money as a way to reach this goal is futile. Good and bad fortunes may temporarily affect how happy a person is, but most people will end up back at their normal level of happiness. ~ Investopidia


The phrase hedonic treadmill appeared in my reading this weekend and had me thinking about the incessant race for more. After a couple of days, I realize that the treadmill is a panacea that both calms and creates desire. There is a momentary satisfaction when we acquire another something/anything and then we are spinning the hamster wheel to get the next something/anything. I can chase stuff and my own temporary satisfaction – books pile up and then I ‘need’ another and reading it makes another necessary.

If happiness is a goal and pursuit of happiness somehow a right wouldn’t we have developed a better understanding of where it resides and how to achieve it and retain it?

Make Today Remarkable, by being happy without a treadmill,


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