Happy Canada Day

148 years old, just a toddler compared to older nations like Denmark from the 11th C or Poland from the 10th. We are still an infant compared to India, Iran and Japan (600BC). We have a lot to celebrate (a lot to be concerned about, but not today). Canada outranks every nation by size except Russia (depending on how the borders struck). We have a wide and distinct geography from west to east and a spectacular unspoiled north. Most Canadians live within a couple hundred kilometers of the US border so we have much to explore. Our economy is diverse and getting more robust. We have freedom to complain, choose, celebrate and create. Our cities are relatively peaceful and most of us are law abiding.

We have a diverse population, mostly from immigration in 19th and 20thC. Education, healthcare and services are accessible for most nearly everyone. Work or the possibility of work is in reach of nearly everyone. We are working on treating everyone more equally.

We are growing up. In 2017, we will celebrate a minor milestone and then on to 2067. I have great hope for our Canada. By the 200th birthday, we will be 50 millionish, more egalitarian, more caring, more propserous, happier, and leading the worl in arts, recreation and alternative energy. something worth working towards?

Make Today Remarkable, by celebrating,


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