Sharing Economy

Leaving things unused is just an increasingly bad idea. The article from The Hatchery begins by referring to church space – sanctuary, classrooms, meeting space that goes unused for more than 160  hours a week. I agree that leaving things unused is a  bad idea; bad economics, bad community, bad stewardship. Seth Godin, a prolific author, says ” a book on a shelf has no currency”. We should be striving to keep our stuff, individual and communal, in circulation and use. I lend, gift and give away books and am becoming intimate with our public library.


Little Free Libraries are popping up all over the country. We have a Tool Library that means I don’t need to buy, own, store, maintain a small hardware store. I use Car2Go and I have access to a second vehicle almost everywhere I need. There are community gardens and community playgrounds in constant use.

What else can we share? What community resources are going unused?

We have community centres and churches that have space they are heating and paying taxes on and other public entities building their own single use facilities. Seems like madness. What if a mobile community health clinic set up in local churches once a month? Could social services share space in churches? Is there a daycare that could share resources with another program or business?

I realize, nothing comes easy when we are dealing with bureaucracy but if we want a better community and better use of what we have to share, we can’t let elected or appointed officials get in our way. Small p politics and big A advocacy can shift opinion and reduce the hassle of red tape and regulations.

Make Today Remarkable, by recognizing an asset you can share,


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