I Wonder Why

I wonder why our culture defines our why, how and who as societies. I am genetically 98.8% the same as everyone else on the planet, yet I am am culturally at least 50% different from most Greeks, most Russians, most Syrians, …

My worldview is rooted in my Canadian upbringing and history, my family positions and principles and the views of my tribe members. I understand that my value set won’t be yours, even if we agree on issues of equality, freedom, environment, we may not agree on how far equality should go, liberty should be extended or to what ends we are stewards for our world.

I am trying to be open to hearing from others about their why but as the actions of others impact me and mine, I have a hard time keeping my ears open. I don’t understand Greeks rejecting austerity when we are living it here, in a much stronger economy. I don’t understand the aggression of Russian leaders along her borders that has worldwide consequences. I can’t comprehend the terror in the name of God that others seem convinced is their mission.

We are in this together but I don’t understand why we see the cause, solution and impact so differently.

Feeling confused,


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