Are You Wired for Optimism

Is optimism a choice, a tendency or a worldview? Can I merely choose to be optimistic (or pessimistic) in specific situations or in all circumstances?  If choosing is the path then why would anyone pick pessimism? I am generally optimistic, not rose coloured glasses but seeing a bright future filled with possibilities, That position has been challenged this week with the news coming out of the Eurozone but I am still radically hopeful that there is an as yet unimagined solution.

How do you see the world, your community, your life? Is there a hopeful future or doom and gloom? Can you choose to see things differently? Would being hopeful be helpful? Likely, hope can reconstruct circumstances and realign possibilities. It isn’t a magic bullet – nothing is. But hope can make the work lighter. Hope can decrease the stress. Hope can make you healthier. Optimism begets hope (obviously pessimism begets hopeless) so try choosing optimism today. Look for silver linings, reframe to the positive, shake the blues and let hope roll in.

Today is yours to choose. Choose optimism and see what rises up.


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