Being True to Yourself – Part 1 – Authenticity

Many Thanks Micelle. Great post with great advice.

Michelle Hanton OAM - Dragon Sisters

The Being True to Yourself Series, is a result of personal observations and experiences. I’ll also be featuring guest bloggers to share their perspectives and experiences.

Authentic means being true to who you are. Genuine. It means not allowing a spin doctor, campaign manager, copywriter or another well-meaning advisor to change your way of speaking or behaving. Certainly there is a need to gain poise and polish, but this does not need to mean a loss of authenticity.

g you go through grows youThat is not to say we don’t evolve and change over time. Of course, we do! It’s part of life and the experiences we go through shape us as individuals. Some of us are very fortunate to have great role models and mentors come into our lives naturally. They help us evolve. I am lucky to have had some wonderful influences, from a range of professional and cultural backgrounds in both my…

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