Coin of the Realm


What currency are you using to measure your worth? Is your car and house bigger than your friend’s? Do you have more ‘toys’? Is your office in a better location? Do you have a bigger portfolio?  Can you buy anything you want? Do you have a larger expense account?

Are the labels on your clothing better than theirs? Are you prettier? Do  you have better hair? Better teeth? More shoes?

Can you run a 5k in 20 minutes? Can you bench 250 lbs? Do 100 pushups? Ski double black diamond?

Do you have a wine collection? Art art collection? A coin collection? A book collection?

Do you measure worth by the distance it lifts you above others? Or do you measure wort in the closeness you are to others?

How many friends have your back? How many would you ‘take a bullet for’? Does your family get together weekly? As often as possible? Are you liked, loved, respected? Do you like, love, respect yourself? How many people would you say “I love you” too?

The coin of the realm, the currency, that we use to measure how we see ourselves determines what we seek to have more of. The choice is yours.

Make Today Remarkable, by acknowledging what is important to you,


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