Sprinting in a Marathon

I am training for a Five Peaks race next weekend at Glenbow Ranch. I have been jugging along in my running at the same pace since recovering from an injury. Two months is a long time and I have settled comfortably into a plodding 6 minute kilometer pace. 1ok around an hour, 5k just under 30 minutes. Still running, still adding miles but meandering into mediocrity.

This morning, I went out to run faster at short distance. I am fortunate that I have a regional park on my doorstep  and have figured out a 500 meter loop. I ran 4 sets of 500 m (run a loop, walk 1 minute, run again) and got progressively faster. My pace improved to 5 minute per kilometer to 4 minute per kilometer to 3:50 per.  ( 40 years ago that was my sustained 10k pace – what does that say?) The sprints were a great change of pace, for my body and my head. My stride lengthened and I didn’t feel any pain in my injured knee. Maybe I need to bring back intervals into my weekly training regime to shake the lethargy.

Life can be like a training exercise, we set out to do the work, we do the work but it all blurs into bland. I am going to add a ‘sprint’ to my intentions every day this week and see if miracles manifest from the mire of mediocrity.

Shake Things Up and Make Today Remarkable,


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