5 Things You Can Do To Change Your Day

Maybe change your life as well.

1. Keep things simple. If presenting, stick to the main points. If conversing, be brief. If struggling, do something you do well. Honor your existing relationships. Go for a walk. Read a book. Eat vegetables and fruit. Let well enough alone.

2. Make small improvements. Every day (weekends included) make one small change to improve some aspect of your life. Walk another kilometer. Choose fruit rather than cake. Read something unusual. Learn 5 new words. Learn 5 new words in Spanish. Do 10 pushups. Tell someone you love them. Pick a couple things every day and make an incremental improvement.

3. Make a higher order habit commitment. Rather than beating yourself up every time you break a diet or miss a workout, make your commitment to living healthy. Embed that decision and then the choice between running and tv doesn’t need to be made because one serves the higher order habit better.

4. Let someone know that you appreciate them. Be specific, be respectful, be clear, be brief and make them smile.

5. Write. Pick up paper and pen or sit down at the keyboard and let whatever needs to flow out. For 10 minutes just pour the words onto the keyboard or paper. Set a timer and when it goes off, close the file or book and begin again tomorrow.

Make Today Remarkable,


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