What Difference Does It Make?

I heard that question; “what difference does it make?” twice yesterday.  Both were in reference to the upcoming Canadian Federal election (but could have easily been about a dozen other circumstances).

One person, let’s call her Jill- a manager at a health care clinic, said ” it doesn’t matter who wins, the problems are so big that no one is going to fix them”. The second comment came from, let’s call him Jack – a retired teacher ” my vote doesn’t make a difference so I am not going to pay attention to the antics”.

Both are rolling down the same hill. By believing and accepting some form of futility, they are both absolving themselves of the responsibilities of democracy and delegating the decision to a shrinking percentage of the population. Even if I concede that they are both correct; it is futile, this is all we have right now. I urged them to reconsider their position and become involved, if not to uphold their values and hold those in power to account then to at least hold themselves to account. Doing nothing, not observing, not participating, not debating, not voting is a decision that has consequences (in democracy and life). Most often the choice to disengage becomes complicit with the status quo so only makes sense if you are completely satisfied. That is not what I hear Jack and Jill saying.

Become involved rather than absolved, fetch your own pail of water and avoid falling down hills.


One thought on “What Difference Does It Make?

  1. I believe that no matter what the situation a man or woman has to stand up for what they believe in. We do live in desperate times as the monetary system is hijacked by the very wealthy and there certainly isn’t enough left to guarantee a balanced society, but we can never give up. We must always speak out.

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