Is It Really Harder to Say?

I love you, the three words that can mean so much but take so much to say.  There is great reward in saying it but there is also great risk. What if it is rejected? What if it is not reciprocated? What if they hurt me? Maybe the words aren’t hard to say. Maybe the response is scary.  Maybe we aren’t anxious about our feelings but uncertain about someone else’s. The only advice I have; if you feel it say it.

The three words I was thinking about in the post title were ” I trust you”. These may be difficult because we may never be 100% sure of what we mean or expect. I have been cared for by people I would never trust and betrayed by people I thought I could trust and hurt by people I do trust. Every day it gets more difficult to trust. Politicians, business executives, faith leaders, professionals and institutions are all distrusted more than they are trusted. They all seem okay with that because they aren’t doing much to help me trust them. The distrust index is rising and  spilling into our personal lives. If I can trust X how can I really trust F?

Trust is choice that we get to make. Best made once in each situation and then allowed to become invisible. Trust can be the lens we view someone through, they can disappoint us but we can still trust them. Pick a person that you are close to; your partner, a sibling, a friend. Choose to trust them. Tell them, say the words ” I trust you”. Let them live in your trust. Rinse and repeat again with another person.

You might have a disappointing experience with one but don’t allow them to stop you from choosing to say the three words.


4 thoughts on “Is It Really Harder to Say?

  1. Sage wisdom as always Bob. This is wonderful! Trust is a very important sentiment and we can project it outward as a gift like love and like honor. Thank you for the wonderful reminder. 🙂

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