Sunday Selections

Music soothes the savage beat or something like that. Music isn’t a reflex in my life. I don’t naturally turn on music at home, office or in the car. I appreciate music, I admire musicians, I support the art of music, it just isn’t embedded like so many people  I know.


Sunday Selections is an attempt to appreciate a couple of artists or groups and suggest a song or two.

I heard Serena Ryder in concert at the Grande in Calgary in 2007 and again at the Knox in 2013. I am attracted to the amazing voice and her fun loving stage personality.  Listen to What I Wouldn’t Do and Baby Come Back for a taste of this award winning Canadian artist.

Something completely different; The East Village Opera Company  dazzled a full house in a big hall with a selection of opera arias and re-imagined them as popular songs, using full symphony orchestra, R&B horns, and choir alongside the group’s guitars, drums, keyboards, string quartet, and singers. They have a pretty good sampler on EVOC Media Player.

Take 30 minutes today to listen to these and some of  your favorites and see if you feel inspired.


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