June 20

I am declaring today “International Write Your Future Self a Note Day”. It should be an easy task. Start at the top of the page with today’s date and begin  with ” 5 years ago on this day, I wrote to  an amazing person – you”


Tell yourself, the troubles you are going through; be brutally honest about what is getting you down, slowing you down and keeping you down. Share your pain; physical, mental and emotional.

Then  tell yourself, the triumphs you are experiencing; be celebratory about what is lifting you up, speeding you up and keeping you going. Share the joy; personal, familial and communal.

Then tell yourself where you expect to be on June 20, 2020. Be aspirational and stretch yourself and your beliefs. Throw caution to the wind and dare to believe remarkable things are coming. Share the challenges, the solutions and the victories for you and your loved ones.

Then list three things you have today that you want more of in 5 years and three things you want less of. Close with a personal affirmation like ‘I love you today  and always’. Seal it and put it away. Go to your online calendar and make an appointment for Saturday June 20, 2020.

Make Today Remarkable, for yourself,


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