Are You Being Vigilant?

Do you have your eyes peeled, like a meerkat, for danger lurking around the next corner? Are you watching out for predators creeping up on your community? Do you get a spidey tingle if a threat is near? Or are you oblivious to the world around you?

Open your eyes to the world around you and you may see much more than just the scary stuff. If you practice vigilance and observe your day, new opportunities that have been created just for you will pop up. Rather than looking for boogey men, imagine if you were looking for a genie. You may not find a funny guy in a bottle but when you are searching your horizons for something exciting, something challenging, something new you get to observe a lot of amazing things.

Go bravely into your world asking ” What can I learn from today?”, ” Who can I meet today”, ” I expect something remarkable to appear in my life” and let the process of discovery bring you miracles.

Make Today Remarkable, by observing your world,


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