Store Up Experiences

Piles and piles of stuff, piling high. We accumulate, gather, seek, and lust for more stuff. Houses, cars, clothes .. More possessions than we can keep in one place so we store stuff in lockers and have museums in our home that go unused.


When my mother turned 75, I decided that we would only give her experiences – travel, theatre tickets, books, great meals and remarkable company. I reasoned that once you reach a certain age, you don’t need more stuff.I think I was right except that we don’t need to wait for a ripe old age – we can begin whenever we are ready; 20,30,40…

I am learning that experiences and the memory of them outlive the momentary joy of a new possession. By the time the shine of a purchase fades we are on a quest for the next thing.

I remember sunsets from years ago. I recall lovingly time spent trekking across the Orkney Islands. Days spent together with my beloved. Books that caught my imagination that still glimmer from decades ago. Walks on the beach. Holding hands with grandchildren. Riding bikes through the streets of Montreal. Amazing works in museums. Music, live productions, writing, creating. Experiencing life, holding cherished memories is a choice. One that I am endeavoring to make as often as I can.

Make Today Remarkable, by experiencing it,


One thought on “Store Up Experiences

  1. It seems we are of the same thought pattern this morning. It is those experiences we treasure as stuff always fades away in our minds. I can’t recall the first set of furniture that I purchases, but I do remember the details of every adventure I went on.


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