Tempered is an interesting word that it seems can have contradicting meanings. “The glass was tempered” refers to a process of improving the strength and quality of something through the mixing of certain qualities in the right proportion. When I am mentored or coached (and I listen and accept) I am tempered. More of certain qualities are accentuated and I hopefully receive better results – greater reception to ideas, faster 5k time, increased productivity.
The second definition is about lessening, compromising, collaborating as best as I can figure it out. “I tempered my position to make it palatable to more participants.’ That doesn’t ring the same as strengthen or improvement. It feels like concession.
Regardless, I feel like I have experienced both this week (hence the post). The reading I have been doing this week and subsequent reflection has tempered my intellect and brought clarity to some difficult ideas that I have been thinking about. I have added qualities from other thinkers to improve my thinking.
I also needed to temper my comments in a public forum so as not to offend everyone (I know that doesn’t sound like me) and felt like/feel like I was complicit in reinforcing the status quo.
The latter caused my temper to flair and I was/am angry with myself for not standing strong and making a well reasoned case for my alternative.
Thanks, I needed to writer this out and hopefully have someone read it. Releasing it to the world has been cathartic and reinforcing. I am better for having you hear my voice and concerns.

Make Today Remarkable,


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