It might be, it could be… it is! A home run! ~Harry Caray

Hall of Famer Harry Caray started his broadcast career at 19 and was  still calling the games at Chicago’s Wrigley Field well into his 80’s. He had lots of catch phrases but this one seems apt for today.

This should be your/my mantra of optimism and possibility. Taking on a new challenge today? – Think “it might be, it could be… it is.” Of course most things don’t get started and accomplished in a few seconds but beginning with a “it might be” attitude will lead to ” it could be” progress and eventually after practice, missteps and more hard work into “it is” success.

Once you commit to a path towards it is, stay the course, making adjustments along the way with one eye on the moment and another on the home run. Once the ball leaves the bat, the batter doesn’t have any control over its arc but if you follow this mantra you can make small changes every day to keep flying towards the fences. It begins with an “it might be” that isn’t as audacious as “it will be” but is equally powerful in the heart of a determined and remarkable people.

Make Today Remarkable, by believing it might be,


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