Maybe It’s Time

Maybe it’s time to storm out of the room angry and frustrated. Maybe it’s time to rant and moan about how unfair your lot in life is. Maybe it’s time to complain that no one understands that you are the greatest. Maybe it’s time to curse and swear and shout. Even though it seems to work for Kayne West (I don’t understand why), it is never time for the above.

Frustration and impatience are okay but responding in a childish, disrespectful way isn’t. When you have the eyes and ears of a generation on you it isn’t okay to model self importance, selfishness, or self indulgence. If you are given the opportunity to show others what you are made of and demonstrate how others can behave then take the highest possible road. I am not saying you should be a doormat but keep you drama and complaining for a private meeting with those involved.

Maybe it’s time that we don’t celebrate, endorse or support bad behaviour. Maybe it’s time that we invest our time, money and interest in celebrating respectful, honest, sincere and talented individuals. Maybe it’s time to make the world a better place.

Make Today Remarkable,


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