This I Believe (an act in progress)

I was browsing podcasts yesterday and found “This I Believe” ; A public dialogue about belief – one essay at a time. The Jason Oda essay that I listened to was only about 10 minutes but masterfully done and has me thinking about uvisms (sorry you are going to have to listen). It also has me thinking about what my essay would say.

Would I write/speak about my faith in God? Would I expound on the capability of all people? Would “I believe in family” open the piece? I am still mulling the possibilities but will write a post soon but have concluded that my believes are an act in progress. If I went back to anything a 16 year old Bob wrote, I would probably be horrifies. At 26 I was deep in parent responsibilities and life was too chaotic to give time to pondering anything. 36 and 46 was about trappings of life and ego and I am not sure I could have reasonably reasoned my beliefs. Now, in my 60s, I should be fully formed but find that I am less certain about almost everything. If I dedicate time to thinking, reflecting, writing and rewriting maybe an essay will emerge. It seems well worth the effort and I invite you to join me.

Make Today Remarkable, by pondering,


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