Who is Responsible?

Are there fences that need mending? Do you have bridges that need rebuilding? Who should be the bigger person/people and initiate the repairing of relationships? The easiest answer to that question is YOU.

We have seen damaged relationships between aging parents and adult children suffer irreparable damage when the father passed away. We know adult children whose own children don’t know their grandparents. Sisters that haven\t talked in years. Brothers who don’t know each other. Friends who were inseparable, now estranged. Who is responsible for mending and rebuilding? If you are involved in any of these rifts, accept responsibility for the first, second, third and fourth move to reconciliation. I am not suggesting that you accept any responsibility for the rift and might suggest that leaving ‘sleeping dogs lay’ is afar better approach. If you are the older person in the situation, accept responsibility for reaching out. If you are the younger one, be first to step up. If you are the tallest in the spat, be the bigger man. Shorter, seek an impasse first. Are you smarter – make the first call. Richer, bare your soul. Left handed, lead the way.

If it has been 10 years (or more), 10 weeks, 10 days or 10 minutes – be a builder not a demolisher. Feelings may have been hurt but it will only get harder the longer YOU wait.

Make Today Remarkable, by being remarkably generous,


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