Why Do We Slow for Car Wrecks?

WE are horrified by images of disaster on TV. We shudder when front page photos are graphic. Broadcasters warn us of the nature of stories and journalists almost apologize for their choice of subjects. Yet we don’t turn away. Even while professing disgust or revulsion, our eyes turn to catch a glimpse. An accident on the freeway slows traffic because of drivers slowing to check out the carnage. Is this curiousity or some morbid attraction to  other’s calamity?

I don’t think we are designed to be observers of disaster and not take action to remedy the situation. Help in anyway we can. Does the abstraction of news coverage offer enough of a barrier to the reality that people are involved? Does the cocoon we are wrapped in isolate us from the tragedy of an overturned vehicle? Have we become callous to the everyday exposure from the safety of our own surroundings?

Why do we slow for car wrecks if we can’t or aren’t going to do something? I am by nature an exceedingly curious person but I get no satisfaction from seeing/hearing/knowing something tragic if I have no means to contribute to a solution. I just feel bad because of my impotence. Maybe we need to stop looking at car wrecks and start seeking places where we can make a difference.

Make Today Remarkable, by making a small difference,


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