Who are Today’s Widows and Orphans?

Throughout history, faith, morality, generousity, and codification encouraged the care of widows and orphans in your community. For thousands of years, everyday folks stepped up and assisted these two groups in the best way they could. Sometimes it was neighbourly and sometimes more institutional. Sometimes it was a meal and a kind word. One other occasions it meant building housing and providing healthcare and ongoing sustenance. We still have widows and orphans among us and we should still step up and do what we can to help raise them and encourage them.

I wonder if there are others who should fall into this service category. I am particularly concerned about seniors who are outliving their resources and in their 80’s and older finding it impossible to care for all their needs. How can we – you and I, reach out and say ” I am here, what do you need?”? How do we do this and maintain dignity and compassion? Is there a senior living near you? An aging relative? A former associate? Can we begin by beginning? Knocking on a door, making a phone call, showing you care are all great initial steps. I can’t prescribe 2nd, 3rd, or 4th steps but making space and showing you care is a great is a remarkable 1st step.

Make Today Remarkable, by stepping out,


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