“The right brain, which governs much of our self-regulation, creativity and empathy, can grow throughout life. The right brain grows though full-body experience like rough-and-tumble play, dancing or freelance artistic creation. So at any point, a parent can take up a creative activity with a child and they can grow together.” ~ Science Daily

I love the challenge in this quote –  my right brain can grow throughout life if I experience life fully, throwing my body into it and doing it with someone can magnify  the effect.

As a parent or grandparent, are you tumbling, dancing, playing with kids? Are you finding play  in your own life? When did you last spin around, skip, twirl, somersault? Do  you dance when no one is watching? When you have an audience?

Who are you sharing these exuberant activities with? Find a child in your life or be the child in someone else’s. Don’t register for another class, another program, another lesson. Register your excitement by becoming an amateur freelance artistic creator. Celebrate the freedom, acknowledge the joy, and do it again tomorrow.

Make Today Remarkable, by being exuberant,


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