Change My Mind

When things aren’t as I expect them to be. When I am doubting a decision. When I don’t know what to do next. When I am feeling sorry for myself. I change my mind. My world is as much a product of my mental state as it the circumstances that surround me. Wallowing, worrying, whining, wincing and wasting make feel worse and don’t accomplish anything.

I change my mind and do the next possible, right thing.  Action bias conquers the 5 w’s. Doing something (anything) is better than doing nothing. If you take action you have something to fix and are creating a new momentum. when you are flat – take action. When you are low – take action. When you are high – take action. When you are sad – take action…. Take Action. Change your mind and take action.

15 thoughts on “Change My Mind

  1. It is a wise decision it times of doubt to upgrade your associations – get around uplifting positive people, it will be much easier to lift up from our ‘darkness’ by being in the company of others who already know the way out. Also, develop a mindset that there is a seed of good within every ‘bad’ experience – then invest your time in searching for that lesson and looking for a way to apply it and share it to ease the pain of others


  2. sometimes you end up making the wrong decision. evaluate your results to know that in the future when you wish to change your mind, how often will that be the correct decision.


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