Are you a Vacuum? I am.

Most days it feels like I am sucking up all the information that I encounter, pulling it in through my eyes, ears and other senses. Today it feels like the filter is plugged with a bunch of irrelevant, disconnected data waiting to be discharged into a waste bin. Usually a good head shake, a great challenge or a remarkable kick in the pants loosens the garbage and cleans the filter so the process can continue. The filter is dirty and the bag is full which in the past meant that I had let something relevant slip through and my knower doesn’t want to toss it. Going through the trash is dirty, difficult and time consuming but here I sit today reaching into the memory bag looking for the piece of jewelry that caught picked up but didn’t get stashed properly.

Is it a passage in a book? A snippet of a conversation? A nervous reaction in a conversation? An emotional outburst that I misread? A deleted, unread email? Something that I am denying? Something that I am manufacturing? Something …

I have been through this before and know that I need to be diligent but not anxious. The gem will reappear when I least expect it. Maybe I need to do something I wouldn’t expect.

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