Rest – a summer of racing from one thing to the next and training and running five trail races left me physically tired. Saturday turned into a rest day. No training, no work, no racing. Rest, a long night’s sleep and a long nap with very little in between seems to have refreshed my body.

Relaxation – I have been pressing my mind and creativity for a few months and the need to relax was  manifested in restlessness and discontent. No reading, no writing, no ranting. Reflection, pausing and stretching has opened my mind.

Relationships – I don’t do relationships well. I either go all in and feel burnt out or I don’t invest enough time and energy and leave others unsatisfied. I am left feeling empty.Dancing with a grandson and laughing with a granddaughter lifted my heart.

I am sure this wasn’t a lesson learned and I will find myself tired, edgy and empty again but for now the R&R&R has raised me up again and given me motivation, inspiration and hope.

Make Today Remarkable,


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