The Key to Making a Difference

The key to making a difference is not being indifferent. The infectious nature of apathy and disinterest is poisoning our world. The symptoms look like nonchalance, lethargy, and even even hostility. The treatment is simple; begin with a dose of commitment to one small thing that brings value to someone other than yourself. One small action that you can tale today and for 3 additional days. 4 days in total and then you are ready to increase the dosage. The one small thing becomes two small things for 4 days and then three small things for another 4 days. In less than 2 weeks you are ready to put the boots to any lingering indifference by taking on one significant action (you decide what small is, you decide what significant is).

Some clients have made the transition from one small thing (greeting everyone with a genuine smile) to two small things ( smile and undertake an act of courtesy like giving up your seat and opening doors) to three small things and one significant action ( actively asking a curious question and actively listening to the response). The choices are yours to make but making a difference begins by ridding  our head and heart of indifference.  The process of moving small step, small step, small step, bigger step begins to create a habit of difference making and after 3 weeks can become your new norm.

Make Today Remarkable, by slaying indifference,


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