Rain Day

Yesterday, where I am, the sky poured and dribbled alternatively from morning to night. The best laid plans of mice and men are oft to go astray. I only ventured out for a lunch date and watched from a window, through the afternoon,  as the landscape got drenched. I justified a day of reading, writing and Netflix because of the high pressure (or low pressure) system that was causing the rain.

Cheryl Straid’s “Wild”, Charles Wheelan’s “Naked Statistics” and Season 2, Episode 3 of  Sherlock filled up my head, heart and time. A deep breath, a long stretch, an hour meditating the drops on flowers, two glasses of Shiraz and an early bedtime made me thankful for rainy days.

Up early this morning, refreshed and got a 5k run in before breakfast and am comfortably in a normal Saturday routine.

Make Today Remarkable, by ensuring you embrace a rainy day,


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