Setting Goals

The ultimate reason for setting goals is to simply entice you into becoming the kind of person required to achieve them. ~ Jim Rohm

Goals as motivation, seems like a no brainer but I have fallen victim to the set low/achieve high syndrome. If you set a goal that is already in your reach (or maybe that you are already achieving)  fails all the tests. SMARTR – I am not sure this acronym is perfect, good, or even useful but it is a reminder that we should apply some metric when creating and reflecting on success of goals.

What if the new SMARTR was Stretch, aMazing, Awe inspiring, Relentless, Treasured, and Resistance? Would a goal of losing 10 pounds in three weeks through a change in exercise and diet, be a Stretch? Depends on if it is the first 10 pounds or the last. Depends if you are fit or not? But with some modification of the target loss, this could be a stretch. Would you feel aMazing if you reached the goal or just moderately satisfied? On September 15, would you look back and be in Awe of yourself for the achievement? Is weight loss or 10 pounds or exercise something that you could relentlessly pursue? Is this goal something really (ultimately) important to you? Is it something you would Treasure? Do you feel some Resistance? Ugh another diet, more exercise, I am okay … are all excuses that Resistance manufactures to keep you stuck in the status quo. Acknowledge the big R and know that you can overcome it.

Make Today Remarkable, by setting a SMARTR goal,


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