Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk. ~ H Jackson Brown (and others)

If you have a great love, you have experienced  risk. Stepping into the unknown, being open and vulnerable with another person is scary. Doing it  every day is like going down a giant slide blindfolded. You know what direction you are going but can’t be fully aware of what is coming. From my experience, having a great love is a life altering, purpose making decision that requires hard work every day and there is always a little bit of tension. Comfort, too much comfort leads to complacency and complacency is the sister of mediocrity. In a great love you need to risk daily/weekly incremental changes to your relationship. Building and breaking is easier on a solid foundation but at least once a year some bricks need to be examined and replaced. It would be easier to let the routine become a rut but it soon becomes a grave for the vibrant, exciting, great love.

If you are able to risk greatly you will love greatly and that will be a great achievement.

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