A Preferred Future

What action are you taking right now, this moment to move towards a planned/dreamed preferred future? Are you a small step away or is there a chasm between where you are and where you want to be? In either case, the next step is the necessary step. Small step, small step, big step, back step, big step, side step, small step or some combination of steps are needed.


Until you take today’s step, tomorrow’s step is impossible. This morning I started a new regime with a goal of running more and having fewer injuries. I found Chi Running a few weeks ago – read the book, watched some Youtube but hadn’t taken the first step. This morning I practiced the first 5 steps (as one step) in running 10k relaxed, aligned, over my mid foot and with good posture. My time wasn’t the metric I used (that is usually my gauge) but rather I was aware of my Perceived Effort Level (PEL).

I am excited by the journey to the preferred future of running more with less injuries and am excited by the big step of today (acknowledging that tomorrow might be a side step)

Is there a first step you can take, right now – in an hour – before day’s end? Are you ready to begin the journey to your remarkable destination?


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