Do squirrels say “person” and jump from something important to get a better look? Are they easily distracted and drawn to shiny thing? Is something new more appealing that what they are currently doing (climbing, eating, cheerping, smelling, ..)?

Do you have problems focusing on the task at hand? Are you easily distracted from something you are doing by something that appears in your peripheral? I am not being judgmental because it happens to me too. Sometimes what is around the corner is more important than what is in your face. But if you (or others) are concerned that there is a trail of half completed and abandoned work behind you maybe an exercise in focus would be helpful.

Some ‘experts/ would suggest that meditation or yoga could help you become mindful – this seems like a lot of work and a big commitment. I find scheduling my time helpful, although not completely successful – I have stepped away from my laptop in mud sentence when the urge to do the laundry appeared in my field.


Our distraction is magnified by our technology. The fix we get from the latest email, newest post, current Facebook update is intoxicating and can be a stimulus that pulls you away from the assignment of the moment. What if we all committed to unplug for 42 minutes every day from 13:03 to 13:45 MST. Maybe that is too much, too quickly. Let’s try 13:21 to 13:45 MST every day starting September 1, 2015. All of our electronics are turned off – your phone, tablet, TV and computer (unless you’re truly working on it). Does that seem possible. I have put it in my calendar as No Screens, with a 5 minute alarm so I have time to power down.

Are you with me,


3 thoughts on “Flitting

  1. Great idea! We need to unplug sometimes, go watch a sunrise or sunset and leave the electronic connections behind for the physical and ethereal! #RECHARGEHUMANITY


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