Reflection and Deflection

The end of one month and the beginning of the next offers an opportune (if not arbitrary) moment to reflect on the past month’s accomplishments and set goals for the next. Did August go exactly as planned (not likely)? How many of your expectations for the 744 hours did you meet? What barriers got in the way? 2/3 through 2015 (another arbitrary dateline), have you done 10 remarkable things? – make a list.  What about the final 24 hours of this month? Can you add another memorable experience to August? Reflection isn’t meant to beat yourself up but as an observation of where and how you spent .11% of your life expectancy. Did it have purpose? Did you learn something? Did you have control or were you out of control?

September 1 is a great day to kickoff new plans, new habits, new promises. I have already committed to No Screens from 1:21 to 1:45pm every day, and a daily Spanish lesson (bravo Duolingo)  no alcohol ( it was a great summer) and clocking 100km running and 200km biking. I have two chapters to write and that means sticking to a 5am start. I expect that by September 30, I will have a list of 25 remarkable things that happened in the month and celebrate the end of Q3 and the beginning  of Q4 (more arbitrariness) with reflection at another deflection point.

Make September Remarkable, it is up to you,


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