Do You Make People Better?

Do you make those around you perform better? Behave better? Feel better?

As a leader it is your job to ensure that everyone on the team has all the knowledge, skills and tools they require to complete the expected tasks. Once you fulfill these, you can expect that everyone will do the very best job they can, Given the right opportunity and circumstances everyone will succeed. At least in theory; Theory Y Management, which I tend to and try to subscribe to. The alternative approach is far too depressing and dis-empowering.

So how do I make sure that my clients, my colleagues, my children, my team has all the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools? Observe, ask, adapt.

First observe them in ‘action’. When the flounder, ask yourself why? Then ask them why? When they excel, ask why? When they are mediocre, ask why? Measuring against clear, easy to understand and hard to misinterpret standards makes the process helpful rather than frustrating. Clearly state what you expect, check for understanding and hold accountable.

Ask  (I know you just did). Ask “what do you need to know or have to meet the goals?” Listen for solutions not excuses. Probe for deep solutions rather than bandaids.

Adapt the plan, process, procedure by training and equipping without lowering the standards. In fact if you observe, ask  and adapt you should be able to elevate the expectations and lead the colleague to mastery.

As a leader, it is up to you.


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