A River Named Intrigue

Are you sailing smoothly through life, enjoying the ride and the view? Are you surrounded by generous people who you trust and care about and they feel the same about you? Is your sail catching just enough wind that you are making progress to your destination but not so much wind that it feels like reckless abandon? Are you seeing the sites and enjoying the trip? If yes, then congratulations and I believe we can all aspire to and capture this kind of life journey.

For many their boat feels like it is listing on a river of intrigue;the secret planning of something illicit or detrimental to someone rather than cultivating curiosity. Their captain has a secret agenda, the crew is conspiring to make things difficult, the boat has holes and needs bailing and the sails are drooping because no one really knows how or where to find some propulsion. If this is your real or imagined situation, it has become unbearable, it is your responsibility to right the ship or abandon it. Righting will take courage and persistence, the kind that very few possess. Know that it will be difficult but eventually rewarding. Don’t undertake the assignment lightly. If you are not in it completely, don’t attempt half measures.

Begin by cutting through the BS – name it when you see it and resent it wholeheartedly. If you gulped at the idea you are not likely up to the task of culture changing. If you Let your heart swell and some excitement rise then you may be ready to accept the assignment.

remarkable slogan

At Remarkable People I get to work with dozens of people who have chosen t become change agents; remarkable change agents. We support, coach, encourage and provoke remarkable people on their journey to becoming legendary. If you are ready to commit to the kind of courage and rigor that this requires contact bob@remarkablepeople.ca 587-227-1449  @remarkablelives for more information and a quote.

Smooth sailing with just enough turbulence to make life interesting,



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