Where I am, the harvest has started. Gardeners are reaping the rewards of a summer of weeding, nurturing, watering and watching radishes, kohlrabi, potatoes, zucchini, and carrots grow. Pickling, jamming, canning are all taking place in thousands of kitchens. Larders and pantries are being filled.

Untitled design

Hay crops (looks like a bumper crop in some places) are being turned into bales; both  big round and small stack-able rectangles. Large scale corn and bean fields have mechanical reaping going on. Threshing (do  farmers still thresh) is done and combining is underway.

The light is changing, the days are shorter, the air smells cleaner. I love autumn. There is a crispness in aura, temperature and sensations that I don’t get from spring. I love the activity of the season – it always feels like the time to complete projects (before winter) follow up on plans (that I have been pursing for months) and cement new projects into my calendar (before I get lazy). I love autumn.

Are you harvesting from your hard work of the past few months? Do you need to pull out some weeds or turn the soil? Are there seeds that didn’t germinate that needed more attention or just weren’t meant to be? Don’t throw your hands in the air. Get busy cleaning up this season and making a plan for the next. Nothing grows that you don’t nurture. Intentionally plant some new seeds.

Make Today and this Season remarkable,


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