Have You Been Wounded?

I encounter at least one person a week who is carrying a fresh wound or an old, un-dealt with scar from their past. Their anguish is palpable, bubbling at the edge of their voice and around their eyes. It is disturbing at best and painful at worst to allow myself to see their pain and a bit uncomfortable climbing inside the vulnerability. But a simple, sincere question could wrap safety and compassion around them? It takes practice and courage to say ” Are you okay?” with sincerity and and honest curiousity (to  understand). Once asked, a door opens on a relationship (that may only last a few moments or a lifetime). Sometimes it is safer to tear off the bandaid and expose the wound to someone who you haven’t a history of relationship energy. I admit that I have hesitated asking “the question” when I wasn’t sure I had the stamina to engage in the triage. When I chose to ask, I know I am better for the decision and I trust that the other is better too.

There is a pay-it-forward hope in my action but mostly there is a we-are-all-in-it-together conviction driving me to accept the weekly challenge and I have observed that as I dare to reach out, more opportunities are presented.

If you are wounded, I pray that someone will ask you “the question” today and if you see someone who is injured, I hope that you will accept the challenge.

Make Today Remarkable,


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