Do You Have Cred?

Is your brand credible? Are your ideas believable? Is the next project viable? Is the network feasible? Do you have Kred?

I received a whitepaper from Kred announcing the launch of the new Kred where I can become RemarkablePeople.kred or BobMcInnis.kred or maybe whoever I want to be;)

It appears they are integrating with HubSpot, Social OS and #Slack to provide up to date data about engagement and influence in social media and supposedly the world.  I am hoping this works, this time, so that we can sort the wheat from the chaff. There are so many sock puppet accounts with 20k+ followers who appear (in other metric sites) to have significance but are really just bots beating the system. I look forward to getting in on the launch in 4 days of the new site and seeing if the new partnerships can help measure and increase my influence.

This isn’t meant as a personal of Kre or Empire.kred just passing along some observations like an anthropologist should.

Enjoy Sunday and the extra day off.

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