Labour Day

The unofficial end to summer (we had snow where I am) and the official school bell to another term. The summer that was 2015 rolled by for me and most of it is a blur. Reunions, work, family, work, tours, work, mountains, work, races … While I expect the weather to improve for a couple more months I acknowledge that the ease to gather a group together has passed and having a reliable expectation that shorts will be fine might be my optimism.

Labour Day, at least in North America, is the annual celebration of our work (originally a Labour Movement day). We should all take some time and be grateful for the best parts of the work we get to do. As a consultant/coach I get to control my time a bit, if not my income, and get  pretty immediate feedback for the results but many people I know get no recognition for the service they provide. I try to acknowledge and celebrate the value that food service workers, retail staff and public employees bring to me on every occasion. I treat our building caretaker with respect and thank him regularly for the way he maintains our space, with pride. When I encounter teachers, nurses, police, firefighters I let them know I appreciate what they are bringing to my world.

On Labour Day 2015, sadly accept that summer is coming to an end but also proudly salute all those ‘workers’ who make your life better with a smile and a ‘wave’


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