When Willpower is Trumped by Imagination

I talk a lot about persistence and the power of commitment. I rant about staying your own course, taking small steps and big steps in an unknown and haphazard combination. I rave about jumping first and building the parachute on the way down. But some days ( I hope very few for you) willpower isn’t enough to get you up and going.

Those are the days that intangible needs to supersede the tangible. We need to return to our personal vision. What is the purpose for our life? What is the highest and best preferred future you can imagine? Can you see it? Do you hear it? What is the air like; cool, warm? Does it smell rich or is it fragrant? Capture that image, again. Hold it so close that it feels like you might crush it – don’t worry, you won’t.

Now quickly, write down the three things that you would be disappointed if you didn’t do today (every day) to move from your current position to your preferred future. Short but important list of 3 (no more, no less). Now do the most important on the list before you do anything else. This should bring you joy and ward off lethargy. Before you lay your head down and celebrate your day, do the other two things on your list. Tomorrow, rinse and repeat. This is a sustainable habit. When I am most successful, I write the 3 things the night before.

Make Today Remarkable by doing the most important thing first,


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