Why Would I Take This On?

With everything that I have on my plate, I must have some masochistic tendency to be taking on another personal project. I have clients benefiting from 40-50 hours a week of my time, two  blogs, a book and now something new. Who will suffer from me saying yes to myself? Am I suffering from delusions of grandeur or have I seriously overestimated my own intelligence?  What was going through my head?

I have launched 140 second podcast; 140 seconds of rants, raves, opinions, interviews and some silliness ala Twitter. Striving for clarity and brevity but also occasionally something poignant and important. Episode 3 is at 140seconds.info and on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/140seconds/140-second-episode-3

I am still working out bugs on the webpage and bugs in the audio but I would appreciate you taking a look and listen.

PS –  I don’t have a good answer to the title question but maybe after episode 20 I will have a better understanding.

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