If I Could Go Back In Time

If I could go back in time I’d visit King Arthur’s court. I’d love to think that I could be a knight riding a huge white steed and carrying a sword and shield in defense of the realm. Or maybe I could be a nobleman enjoying the lap of luxury and eating too much and indulging in dancing and drinking. I might be a vassal or servant scurrying around the estate pitching, picking, poking, and pleading for more. More than likely I would be a jester, not the King’s jester because I don’t do authority very well and would undermine that position by being too candidly rude towards and about the monarch.


In the midst of election campaigns in Canada and the United States it seems that the jesters have assumed leadership positions (I know I committed to not listening but I can’t turn on a screen or radio or read a blog or paper without being inundated) These jesters, be it Trudeau, Harper, Trump or Clinton are pandering and pestering and demonstrating that they believe their bosses (us) are imbeciles. They make nonsensical statements, chatter in empty rhetoric, light their hair on fire and try to burn straw men with the flames. There isn’t anything funny or of substance being issued from under the pointy hats. How did we devolve to such ridiculousness?

Just Ranting on a Friday,


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