I am an archaeologist. Or at least that is how I justify my clutter on my desk and shelves. I can locate any document by digging through the layers and using my time dated, history approach. If I receive something, anything in print, that I imagine has future value I put it in one of 4 piles – my categories are mine and work for me but likely no one else. Pile 1 – Read Later, Pile 2 – Hold for Confirmation, Pile 3- Follow up, Pile  4 –  Security. I am not going to explain what constitutes Security because the system only works for me.

I have undertaken, on more than one occasion to set up a better system but have resorted to the dig and find it approach. My email and social media are quite the opposite. I diligently ensure that every stream s. managed and filed, every email is read and filed before my day ends. I can access everything I need from anywhere in the world by locating the right folder.

The rest of my life feels a bit cluttered and I’m wondering if any our readers who also use a clutter system or clutter free system have any suggestions.

Your assistance, comments would be greatly appreciated,


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